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Our multidisciplinary team operates on the forward edge of automation and control systems technologies. With a focus on providing customised systems to meet your intelligent factory requirements, we provide the latest technology allowing you to access key data and information about your production line.

Key Features


Offering both PLC and PC-based programming applications to industry standards, the Facteon team consists of experienced professionals. Our automation and control systems also offer Level 2 Diagnostics allowing you to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of your production lines.

Robotics & Motion Control

Utilising leading edge systems, our team is able to offer a wide range of robotics and motion control systems. Specifically, we offer robotic manipulation and assembly, in addition to vision scanning. As industry leaders in this field, we have the ability to provide bespoke equipment native to your intelligent factory environment, providing you with a competitive edge. Utilising the latest industrial technology, we also offer precision motion control technology, including interrelation.

Visualisation, Data Harvesting & Industrial IoT

With a commitment to providing quality, intelligent automation systems, we have developed Facteon visualisation standards incorporating many features of MES. Our approach to Data Harvesting and Industrial IoT allows access to process and environmental parameters for local and off-line analysis.

Product Tracking

All data is stored for analysis providing you with unlimited access to product tracking information.

Verification & Measuring

The Facteon team utilise various technologies to provide you with valuable information about the quality of the components and products produced in your factory. The technologies utilised include direct measurement, non-contact scanning and laser.


As worker and machine safety is a priority, all safety assessments and verifications are completed in-house to ensure that Facteon's stringent standards are met and your solution complies with recognised international safety standards. 


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