Maintaining & managing your intelligent factory

With our own background as manufacturers, we understand the need for effective asset management to minimise downtime, repair costs and disruption to your operations. We aim to cultivate a collaborative relationship with our customers. This allows for the development of a long term relationship allowing for consistent and reliable training, service and support from a team that understands your unique requirements. Ultimately, appropriate management of your organisation's assets is essential in maximising return on your investment. 

Key Services

Effective Training

We aim to simplify the process of introducing new equipment to your factory. We tailor our training and support offerings to specifically meet your production requirements and the needs of your team. We offer on-site technical support as well as aiding you in the process of identifying and training local suppliers of proprietary components.  

Service-Level Agreements

With a focus on consistently providing a high level of service to our customers, Facteon utilises service-level agreements to remove ambiguity and ensure we fully understand and deliver on your service-level requirements. 

Upgrades to Existing Equipment

The option of retrofitting existing production equipment serves as a cost effective option to bring your existing machinery into the internet age. This allows you to gain greater value from your initial capital investment, while achieving improved visibility of your machine operations.

Optimising your factory with COSMOline


COSMOline's Maintenance Module offers complete visibility over the maintenance of your operations. You'll also benefit from all of your information being held in one system. The ability to schedule, track and raise service tickets for your team also allows for greater visibility over your operations. 


Our Efficiency Module allows you to understand how your plant is performing. You'll have the flexibility to tailor your maintenance and upgrades to specific pieces of equipment. This provides you with the ability to target your resources to machinery where you'll gain the greatest benefit from performance increases. 


COSMOline's Quality Module provides you with the opportunity to understand the implications on quality of the product from your production line. You'll have the ability to effectively manage and address any quality issues with your equipment.


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