Quality water heater cases

The challenges in manufacturing water heater cases are pre-paint cosmetics, roundness flanges and lock seam strength. Facteon combines extensive experience and knowledge to solve these challenges with size model changing technologies. Our systems are designed to be run by one operator. We can also provide automatic assembly systems for the coupling of appliance sub-systems on the production line.

Key Technologies & Processes


Our destackers utilise fanner magnets for pre-separation. Vacuum cup and peel mechanisms to pick and place each individual sheet for line in-feed. Our destackers feature servo-positioning, blank eject, accumulation, multiple sheet detection as well as accurate datuming. The cosmetic face of the material remains in an upwards facing position to prevent damage during the manufacturing process.


We produce flexible machines capable of providing automatic size changes. Selectable notch change and quick-change tools are created with a combination of custom notchers and piercing units. Model and size change is managed with servo-control for changes that are both fast and precise.

End Forming

Specialised folding and bending methods are used to accurately form the flanges in preparation for lock seaming. Our end forming methods are highly accurate in size and are essential for forming accurate product dimensions and strength. 

Roll-Up & Lock Seaming

Facteon produce a variety of roll-up and lock seam options to suit your requirements. The end forms are accurately joined while the lock seam is formed through hydraulic actuation. We also offer systems capable of automatic model change to manufacture products of varying widths and heights. 

Spin Forming

A variety of spin former technologies can be applied to create water heater top and bottom flange features. Facteon's offering addresses the common concern of paint retention and accurate forming geometry.


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