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Facteon has been involved in numerous special purpose machine design and automation projects in a wide variety of industries. With our own manufacturing background, the Facteon team has the skills to apply their knowledge to a wide range of industrial applications. We have an established history in appliance manufacture. However, our ingenuity and passion for solving complex engineering problems allows us to take on challenges from a multitude of industries. 

Key Advantages

Process Analysis

We focus on understanding your requirements prior to designing and analysing potential processes deemed suitable for your business. We also ensure accurate analysis is conducted to establish whether machine capabilities are suited to your requirements. Line optimising is essential. This is achieved through complex cycle time analysis to understand the yield from the machinery. 

Advanced Design

Facteon uses strong systems and processes such as PDM software and Solid Works. We're able to effectively manage the machine life cycle and component parts. Facteon is able to readily supply and manage spare parts which can be offered across machines. Our team is highly skilled and multidisciplinary allowing us to deliver highly innovative machinery which is also practical and robust. Facteon engineers are also able to offer skills that reach beyond software, including FEA and complex engineering calculations.

Research & Development

Our dedicated research and development professionals explore a variety of solutions to offer the latest and most suitable technology for your intelligent factory. The Facteon Research and Development team also works directly with customers to solve specific manufacturing challenges and deliver bespoke solutions. We can scan the market and select the right technology or invent something entirely new should you need it.  


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